blue tit Gallery

Watch the progress of our blue tits nest.

We have a nest box with built in camera which is viewable via a TV screen.  These photos were taken of the TV image, so the quality isn't brilliant, but still interesting. 

Each photo is listed by date and time, beginning on 1st April 2009. 

The babies arrived on 10th May, and left the nest on 30th May.


Click on small image to enlarge.


April 1st

9.41 am

April 2nd

10.25 am

April 4th

8.10 am

April 4th

14.14 pm

April 4th

14.49 pm

April 5th

7.24 am

April 8th

7.47 am

April 12th

20.53 pm

April 13th

13.45 pm

April 14th

16.59 pm

April 20th

18.52 pm

April 21st

8.35 am

April 22nd

11.26 am

April 26th

14.32 pm

April 26th

16.32 pm

April 27th

16.46 pm

April 27th

16.52 pm

April 27th

16.52 pm

April 28th

10.31 am

May 1st

18.03 pm

May 10th

11.24 am

May 10th

14.52 pm

May 11th

16.25 pm

May 12th

15.55 pm

May 13th

13.10 pm

May 14th

16.56 pm

May 15th

15.25 pm

May 16th

13.15 pm

May 17th

17.02 pm

May 21st

7.23 am

May 22nd

20.37 pm

May 24th

8.13 am

May 24th

20.22 pm

May 24th

20.26 pm

May 28th

8.18 am

May 28th

10.13 am

May 28th

10.19 am

May 29th

11.04 am

30th May

11.25 am